One of our aims is to ensure that every school in Wales has a defibrillator and staff working within the school trained to use it in the event of an emergency situation. Defibrillators save lives so we would love for your school to get involved and raise money to get your hands on this life saving equipment.

How can your school raise money?

There are so many ways you can fundraise for us. You could start by putting together a fundraising committee with children from different age groups on board then get planning your events! Here are just a few ideas to help you along the way:

  • Sponsored sports events
  • Sponsored silence
  • Doing chores such as gardening or helping with the cleaning in return for a donation

We would love to work with your school and will support and help you along the way so please get in touch.

Saving Lives in Welsh Schools Project

Calon Hearts are working alongside anaesthetic and intensive care doctors from all over the country to teach important life saving skills to schoolchildren in Wales.

Hour-long sessions will provide a thorough understanding of basic life support and may even stimulate an interest in a career in medicine. By passing on our experience and skills we will give the students the confidence to deal with medical emergencies and ultimately in saving patients lives.


CPR in schools

We love to visit schools all over Wales to teach lifesaving CPR and defibrillator skills. We are delighted that the Welsh Government has agreed to include CPR in the Welsh school curriculum, and are looking forward to continuing to offer this lifesaving training to schools all over Wales ❤️

Heart Screening

One in every 200 people who get their heart screened will be identified as having a potentially life threatening heart condition. 

To book on to a heart screening session please visit Calon Screening.

If your school is interested in holding a heart screening session for staff and pupils, please get in touch.