An automatic external defibrillator (AED) is a professional piece of equipment which should be cared for in this way. Like most things, if it is left to one side without proper care it will rapidly become defunct. It's important that you designate someone to conduct routine maintenance checks on any AEDs within your facility.

AEDs are very intelligent devices and most perform daily self-checks and display a warning if they need attention. We advice you check this monthly to ensure it is resuce ready. Electropads will need to be changed evey 2 years and after every use. Depending upon your defibrillator model the battery will need to be changed every 2-5 years, consult your information maunal for further information. See attached videos for checking the pads and battery expiry dates.

If you have an outdoor cabinet, check that your heater is working by placing your hand on the heater during a cold night- It should be warm. Keep all moving parts of your cabinet well oiled and lubricated. Water can seep into moving parts and then freeze, causing it to seize up. 

Download your monthly checklist and Sp1 display information by clicking on the links


We provide FREE replacement pads for SP1 and *G5 defibrillators, please contact us with the defibrillator type and a delivery address. All replacement batteries and other model pads can be found via our online shop here

*G5 pads will only have a 1 year expiry date.

If you need any assitance or advice, please email or contact our office 02922 402670