Defib Map

Defibrillators placed

To date, 1330 defibrillators have been placed in communities across Wales, each one of them safe in the knowledge that should the equipment be required, it is at hand.

We get very frustrated when the media get heart attacks and cardiac arrests mixed up in news stories, so you must get confused  too!

There is a big difference between a cardiac arrest & a heart attack. They both involve the heart and you should dial 999 for an ambulance immediately in both cases.

Cardiac arrest: If a person is unconscious, not breathing & has no pulse, start CPR immediately as they are in cardiac arrest.

Heart attack: A heart attack happens when there is a sudden loss of blood flow to a part of your heart muscle. Most heart attacks are caused by coronary heart disease. Heart attack suffers will probably be conscious & the most common signs of a heart attack are 1. chest pain (tightness, heaviness, pain or a burning feeling in your chest), 2. pain in arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach (for some people, the pain or tightness is severe, while other people just feel uncomfortable), 3. sweating, 4. feeling light-headed, 5. become short of breath and 6. feeling nauseous or vomiting.