Leave a Lifesaving Legacy

Did you know that in Wales:

● 1 person goes to A&E every 30 seconds suffering from Chest Pains.

● Over 700 people will lose their lives to Heart and Circulatory Diseases each and every month.

● The survival rate for an out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest without the use of a defibrillator is less than 1 in 10.


The NHS spent over £446million in 2014/15 on Heart and Circulatory Diseases, but too many lives are still lost to heart related conditions.

We're sure you will agree that something has to be done to tackle the leading cause of deaths in Wales.

Your Gift in a Will is essential for helping Welsh Hearts make a difference to these harrowing statistics. Every penny that is raised, stays in and supports that vital work in Wales.

Your gift will become a lasting Legacy.


Your support will help Welsh Hearts:

● Raise awareness of Heart disease throughout Wales.

● Ensure that there is a 24 hour, public access defibrillator accessible when needed and in every community in Wales.

● Provide an opportunity for the young people of Wales to receive Heart Screening sessions.

● Train a nation of lifesavers.


How will your legacy support us?

£495 – could install an unlocked external cabinet for a defibrillator 

£525 - could install a locked/coded cabinet for a defibrillator

£995 – could purchase a defibrillator for a community in Wales

£6,500 – could fund a heart screening session for 100 people aged 8-45 in Wales


Where there’s a Will there’s a way! Please remember Welsh Hearts in your Will. 

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