"In January 2018, I was playing squash with my friend Nick. We had finished the game, came off the squash court and I was sat talking to him. The next thing I knew, I’d collapsed in his arms, allegedly. He carried out CPR on me. Luckily, Nick had recently been on a CPR course with Welsh Hearts and there was another chap at the squash club called Bob Perry who had defibrillator training. He rushed and got the defibrillator, which fortunately we had at the club. It had been supplied, as I later found out, by Welsh Hearts. He went to work on me and I passed away twice. He brought me back to life twice with the use of the defibrillator and I’m now here to tell the tale. The more defibrillators there are, the more trained people in CPR there are, the better the world will be, and the more people will survive on the high street. I will be supporting Welsh Hearts this Christmas as they do an amazing job every day by offering FREE CPR training, placing Defibrillators in communities and schools and holding many heart screening sessions"

Alan will be taking part in the annual Welsh Hearts Cardiff Santa and Elf Dash to raise money for Welsh Hearts to continue their work placing public access defibrillators, providing CPR training and organising regular heart screening events within local communities.

You can register for our Santa Dash here