Saving Lives in Wales


10322760_420286424797766_6828706973309784996_nWelsh Hearts are working alongside doctors, nurses and paramedics from all over the country to teach important life saving skills to people in Wales.

Hour-long sessions will provide a thorough understanding of basic life support and may even stimulate an interest in the health service. By passing on our experience and skills we will give the students the confidence to deal with medical emergencies and ultimately in saving patients lives.

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    We’ve designed and supplied the following documents that you can print out and use in promoting this project in your local school.

    Pass on your knowledge

    Could you help us provide life saving training to communities in Wales? We have now taught over 41,000 people and demand for our training is increasing! It is a very rewarding project and great opportunity meet new people and develop your teaching skills! If you could help us, please contact us on 029 2240 2670 or

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