CPR Training

photo 1Welsh Hearts aims to equip people with vital emergency and life-saving skills, including training on how to safely use a defibrillator – the knowledge and actions that could save a life.

We offer free CPR and defibrillator training to communities all over Wales and all training is delivered by qualified professionals who are practicing in Wales. Children 10 years old and above are also welcome to attend with their parents.

Upcoming training sessions

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If your company or organisation would like Welsh Hearts to help facilitate a training session in your area, then please contact us on 029 2240 2670.

Corporate Health and Awareness Training Courses

With 8000 sudden cardiac arrests happening outside hospital in Wales, defibrillators are essential pieces of equipment to save lives. To ensure people are able to act confidently and without hesitation in an emergency, Welsh Hearts are offering free health and awareness training courses for your organisation. You and your staff will get hands-on experience from medical professionals who are actually working in Wales, using state of the art equipment, in order to learn how to lead a healthy life and how to save a life in an emergency.

Training will include:

  • CPR and defibrillator use.
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol testing.
  • Relaxation.

For further information, please contact 029 2240 2670 or email sharon@welshhearts.org.

Hold a heart screening session in your area

JS88494707Welsh Hearts has a screening team of medically qualified personnel, who can visit sports clubs, schools and other community venues on request, to screen people 5 years old and above.

Heart screening sessions cost £5,000 to screen 120 hearts. That’s a full day for ECG tests with an echocardiogram if required. They are hosted in a suitable venue, currently on Saturdays only, with a view to do Sundays too.

Perhaps your community can fundraise the amount required, or have the event sponsored by a local company. If you wish to organise a screening event, you’ll work in conjunction with Welsh Hearts’ Screening Programme Manager to book a venue, promote the event and make sure that all required paperwork is completed by potential clients.

An ECG machine costs £5,000 and a portable echocardiogram machine costs between £21,000 and £25,000.

Please contact screenings@welshhearts.org for more information on sponsoring a heart screening session.