North Wales Dragons

The North Wales Dragons were formed in 2009 as a way to raise funds and awareness for various charities. Having raised £2000 for charity in our first year, they decided to hold another event the year after, since then their main fundraising day has become an annual event.
Throughout the rest of the year they play many like-minded football teams, helping them raise money for charities.
Boots for Africa, Help for Heroes, Neves Charities, Clic Sargent and Cancer UK’s ‘Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer are all charities that have benefited from our involvement in fund raising which has seen them generate approximately £20,000.00 of money for good causes to date.
Always wishing to build walls higher with each passing year, they try and make each of their fund raising days bigger, in 2013/14 they involved even more teams with the aim of raising money for more charities.
With the continuing success of the charity football team, in 2012 they became a not for profit social enterprise. Subsequently forming the ‘Plus’ Project. The project is aimed at demonstrating how business and good causes can work together for the mutual benefit of both parties.
Although based in the Llandudno Junction area, the team travel throughout Wales and across borders to other countries having many tales however, what goes on on tour, stays on tour!