Fundraising Ideas

We want to help inspire you and to encourage creativity when planning your fundraising activities. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Dance-a-thons with Zumba-a-thons proving to be very popular at the moment!
  • Car boot sales or clothes swap parties
  • Cake Bake sales and don’t forget to take part in the Queen of Hearts Tea Party
  • Coffee mornings work well for retired people or Mums and babies
  • Sports events such as mountain biking or team challenges
  • Themed nights such as poker, quiz or race evenings
  • Hold a pampering evening
  • Get the kids involved to take part in sponsored events such as sponsored silences or walk


Sponsorship form

Whenever you take part in a challenge or adventure event for Welsh Hearts, it’s always a great idea to ask your family and friends for sponsorship. It’s a great way to make them feel a part of what you are achieving and gives you great drive to train for and finish the event.

We’ve designed and supplied the following documents that you can print out and fill in with the details of your own event.

To make collecting sponsorship easier for you, we’re supplying a bilingual sponsorship form. Click on the button below to download the form and you can print it out at home.

We are also able to customise the sponsorship form for unique events in order to garner extra support. Please contact Welsh Hearts for more details on this.

Collect sponsorship online

You can also set up your own online sponsorship page so you can collect sponsorship from friends and family you aren’t likely to see often, and let people know that you are collecting money for Welsh Hearts on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Go to for more details.

Welsh Hearts events to collect sponsorship

From Santa Dashes to sponsored walks you can find an official Welsh Hearts event to collect sponsorship for.