Fundraising Kit

Thank you for choosing to fundraise for Welsh Hearts, the heart charity for Wales. There are many ways that you can help us raise money to provide vital life saving equipment throughout Wales.

Event posters

We’ve put together a suite of posters for you to download, print off and complete to help promote your event. Just click on your selected poster below. It will download as a PDF document.

WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 -
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 2
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 3
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 4
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 5
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 6
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 7
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 8
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 9
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 10
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 11
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 12
WH_EmptyBellyPosters_A4_v1 - 13

List of items you may need

  • Balloons
  • Collection tins and buckets
  • Merchandise that you can sell, like pens, pin badges
  • Welsh Hearts t-shirts

All of these, and more, can be ordered from Welsh Hearts to help support your event.