Gifts in wills

WH_GftH_2016 legacy leaflet_v1_FINALYour legacy is our lifeline

3pm, your local High Street, a person complains of chest pains, loses consciousness and collapses. Everybody knows what to do, a member of the public runs to grab the defibrillator from the nearby shopping centre while others take it in turns to perform vital, lifesaving CPR. These people were trained by Welsh Hearts.

Gifts in Wills are essential for making sure that every member of the public knows what to do in that situation. If someone suffers a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in Wales, their chances of survival are 3% but with the lifesaving equipment and training Welsh Hearts provides, their chances soar to 50%

Your legacy will help us fight Wales’ biggest killer, heart disease. Every single penny raised in Wales, stays in Wales and helps us save lives through providing equipment, training and procedures such as heart screening.

Please remember Welsh Hearts in your will and train a nation of lifesavers.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will, please contact Welsh Hearts.

Mick’s Story









On the 4th of September, 2014, Mick Carter woke up in Morriston Hospital with no idea how he got there, his memory was vague and his chest was in a great deal of pain.

Mick would come to learn that 2 days before, while he was enjoying a round of golf with 3 friends and approaching the 9th hole, he dropped to the floor and stopped breathing; he was having a cardiac arrest.

Immediately, Mick’s friend Steve knew what was happening and took control of the situation and began performing CPR. Mick’s friends knew that there was a defibrillator in the clubhouse, which had been donated by the club’s President in memory of his late wife who had died of heart disease. The clubhouse was called and the defibrillator was brought out.

The defibrillator, which was provided by Welsh Hearts, is automated to speak to the user and provide instructions from the moment it is turned on which meant Mick’s friends felt comfortable using it and in doing so, significantly contributed to Mick’s survival.

Mick was taken to hospital where it was discovered that his pulmonary artery was blocked, particularly scary as he was a healthy, active man who had suffered no indication of ill health and had no family history of heart disease.

Thanks to his friend’s knowledge of CPR and the donated defibrillator provided by Welsh Hearts, Mick is still alive, healthy and surrounded by his family and loved ones.