Every single penny donated goes towards helping save lives in Wales.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival drop by up to 14% for every minute that passes, so a speedy response is crucial. Therefore, early defibrillation – within four to five minutes – gives the best possible chance of survival.

With access to more defibrillators, Welsh Hearts can help our partners in the emergency services to improve chances of survival and protect our communities. Someone in cardiac arrest will lose consciousness, will not be breathing and will have no signs of circulation. A defibrillator is used to shock the heart following a cardiac arrest.

At present there are only 450 defibrillators in Wales compared to 9000 in England. We hope that Welsh Hearts can change that but with your help. The provision of more defibrillators and further research to prevent and manage heart disease is only possible through donations of time and money.